Simple Really.

If you have a downpayment, we will attempt to source out lenders that will finance you, regardless of your situation.  Some of these lenders, we have exclusive access to.

If you don't have a downpayment, we have sources that can manage your situation, and possibly still get you a mortage through conventional or non conventional lenders.

If Rent To Own winds up being your option, then we'll do our best to make something work with the access to the lenders that we have.  Unfortunately, not everyone can be helped.  If you're serious about getting setup to own your own home or condo, we're here to help.

Payments start at $1800/month + Utils. and Rent To Own and can be as high as $3500/month + Utils or more, depending on if and how you qualify.

HomeStreet Inc. does not provide mortgage or financing and makes no representation of such.  HomeStreet Inc. attempts to offer solutions to individuals that do not qualify for conventional financing through its affiliations with other organizations that do offer financing.  HomeStreet Inc. is not a service that can assist everyone, all individuals qualify independantly of one another.  HomeStreet Inc. works with rentals and option rentals such as rent to own in Winnipeg and surrounding areas in Manitoba.